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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your hit counters truly 100% free?

All of our counters are completely free. To allow us to provide a free hit counter on your website we display a very small link from one of our sponsors under your hit counter image to help us make up the cost of providing our free web counter service.

2. Is it hard to create a web site counter?

Not at all! Its quite simple in fact. You simply select the website hit counter you want to appear on your website, fill out a information form and we will then provide you the html code that you will insert in your website code. Its really that simple.

3. Can I change your website counter code?

You may make MINOR changes to the counter code to fit the look of your website. HOWEVER, if you remove any of the links that are in the code or change the location of the hit counter from the original page you entered when you first signed up then your hit counter will be disabled.

4. I inserted the website hit counter code on my page but all that appears is html code. What did I do wrong?

This usually occurrs when the hit counter code was added as text to your web page, and not to the actual code in the page. To resolve this problem simply remove the html code you add and then make sure to re-add the code in the correct location.

5. My counter was working just fine yesterday but it stopped working today. What's wrong?

There may be a few raasons why your counter all of a sudden stopped functioning. First, your hosting company may have accidentally made a small change to your hit counter code. To solve this problem simply sign up for a new counter and re-add the new counter code to your website.

Every once in a while we have server problems that may momentarily disable your counter. If after a few days your hit counter is still does not work properly please contact us so our technical support team can help you resolve the issue.

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