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On your quest to discover the best web hosting package for your personal needs, you may find that many hosting companies share a common trait: They all claim to be the best in some regard. And whether it's a claim of offering the most space, the best cloud servers, or the lowest prices on unlimited packages, it's tough to weed through the competition and to pinpoint which company is actually worthy of your money.

Our directory provides a list of some of best web hosting companies. We've hand picked each company based on three criteria: value, realiability and customer service. Rest assure that the companies listed in our directory are truly some the best web hosting companies in the world.

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Commonly Asked Web Hosting Questions

In order to help you along when seeking out cheap web hosting companies, let's go over a quick Q-n-A session to assist you in the decision-making process.

What is Web Hosting Exactly?

Yes, this is the most commonly-asked question out there - and understandably so. In essence, a web host is a permanent address that stores your data when you create a website. This data is stored on a host's servers and is called up when someone accesses your site through the web.

What is a Domain Name?

Another question that's frequently asked, and another easily answered, a domain name is simply your website's name ¿ its address. This is the name you will conceive and/or purchase to have hosted. This is the name individuals will type in the web browser in order to access your stored data; your website.

What Does "Unlimited" Mean?

You will often see the top web hosting services offering "unlimited" features in a hosting package. A domain name, for instance, is a feature that hosts provide unlimited access for. You can create as many websites using as many domain names as you want, all within the same hosting package. For unlimited storage and bandwidth, this means you can store as much data as you need while receiving as much bandwidth as you need to upload files and for your visitors to download or stream.

What Is the Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Hosts?

This is where you can get snagged up. You see, "unlimited" does have a limit if you're dealing with a shared host. And that's pretty much the main difference. A shared hosting package means you're sharing servers with other people. So if you¿re hogging up all the bandwidth, you run the risk of being cut off. A dedicated host, on the other hand, can afford to live up to their unlimited promise because you're the only one using that particular server.

How Do I Choose the Right Host?

Everyone's needs are obviously different, and there are all types of hosting packages out there to choose from. However, going with one of the best web hosting companies is always a smart move. And you can sniff these hosts out via user reviews and in reading the fine print on the contracts. Don't immediately think that a hosting package is $1.99/month. Read the small print and you'll find that it's really for a contract two-years or longer. The same goes with that suspect "unlimited" tag. Make sure you look into what it really means.

The best way to choose a solid web host is through research. We list some of the best in the business here, but it's up to you to read through the contracts and to pick a suitable host for your individual needs.

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